Blast map 3 software [photo] 

BlastMap III™

Complete blast planning, design and analysis software. Powerful, Easy to Use, Flexible, Accurate. Applications are surface, civil engineering and underground blasting. BlastMap III ™ includes Densdepth and Wallpro modules that are no longer supported as separate applications.

Some functionalities & advantages of the system:

  • BlastMap III™ allows the user to design a blast from scratch (pattern, hole diameters, explosives, rock type) using survey information about the block geometry and surface.
  • Carry out detailed charge and timing designs based on actual hole positions.
  • Calculate costs and quantities based on actual drilling information.
  • Import AXXIS™ electronic detonator IDs, design timing, export IDs and timing.
  • Export design information to text/csv file. This allows for other software, such as drill navigation software to drill according to design.
  • Multiple deck capability for designing specialised blasts such as layered blasts and for vibration control needs.
  • Blast timing design and simulation. Both non-electric and electronic timing designs can be carried out. This software is optimised for use with AXXIS™ electronic delay detonators.
  • Wave interference modelling for optimising timing for either vibration control or optimal fragmentation.
  • Powerful contouring capabilities for blast timing, surface and floor elevations, vibration maps and energy distribution in a blast.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities for blast design records and communicating critical design issues such as costs, quantities and energy.