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With global mining operations continuing despite national Covid-19 lockdowns, service providers have had to think on their feet to keep delivery flowing. In the thought leadership piece below, BME managing director Joe Keenan speaks on how the pandemic has impacted on the global supply chain and how companies, like BME, have worked around this challenge.

BME has launched a new, free Blasting Guide application for Android mobile devices, enabling users to rapidly calculate and check blast designs.

The most advanced electronic blast initiation system in the world is undergoing final trials in South Africa, with a 100% success rate to date.

Through South Africa’s strict Covid-19 lockdown, essential service provider BME has supported coal mines’ blasting operations so that Eskom power stations can keep the country’s lights on.

As part of its continuous development of digital solutions, blasting leader BME has further enhanced its BLASTMAPTM blast planning tool with an added burden relief timing module.

There is considerable uncertainty that plagues the global economy going into 2020, but times are looking better for the mining sector this year and next.

Continued lethargy in the global economy – aggravated by the outbreak of the coronavirus – did not dampen the enthusiasm of BME’s engagements at the recent Prospectors and Developers Association Conference (PDAC) in Toronto, Canada.

The impact of recent ‘global shocks’ has highlighted how resilient the blasting sector – as a key element of the mining industry – needs to become as an uncertain future beckons.

The steady growth of the International Society of Explosives Engineers’ Australian conference and exhibition shows how blasting technology and expertise is constantly improving, according to BME Australia.