BME [photo] 


For over three decades, Omnia group company BME has been incorporating used oil in its world-class emulsion explosives, making blasting greener and reducing environmental risk.

The key to an improved health and safety record in the mining workplace lies with integrating safety firmly as part of operational excellence.

22 September, 2020, Johannesburg – Built on innovation since its inception over 3 decades ago, global explosives leader BME – a member of the JSE-listed Omnia Group – paves the way for mines to leverage the latest technologies for ever-greater efficiencies and productivity.

24 August, 2020, Johannesburg – BME, a member of the Omnia Group has broken the South African record for the largest electronic detonator blast, initiating 3,780 detonators in a single blast at a manganese mine near Hotazel in the Northern Cape.

With some the world’s highest gold grades, the West African mining sector is generally producing well even under Covid-19 conditions – and are relying on explosives companies to maintain supply security and technical assistance through these challenging times.

Having sustained its supply chain through initial Covid-19 lockdowns, blasting and explosives specialist BME, a member of the Omnia Holdings Group, is looking ahead to continued growth in Australia and Asia.

With global mining operations continuing despite national Covid-19 lockdowns, service providers have had to think on their feet to keep delivery flowing. In the thought leadership piece below, BME managing director Joe Keenan speaks on how the pandemic has impacted on the global supply chain and how companies, like BME, have worked around this challenge.

BME has launched a new, free Blasting Guide application for Android mobile devices, enabling users to rapidly calculate and check blast designs.

The most advanced electronic blast initiation system in the world is undergoing final trials in South Africa, with a 100% success rate to date.

Through South Africa’s strict Covid-19 lockdown, essential service provider BME has supported coal mines’ blasting operations so that Eskom power stations can keep the country’s lights on.