BME [photo] 


The South African mining sector is managing the Covid-19 pandemic remarkably well, but the country needs to do more if it wants mining to benefit from the looming demand peak in ‘green minerals’, according to Ralf Hennecke, General Manager: Technology and Marketing at Omnia Group company BME.

The quest to raise productivity on mines is relying increasingly on technological innovation and pushing the boundaries of blasting science has therefore been a priority for explosives and blasting leader BME, a member of the JSE-listed Omnia group.

With a successful joint venture in Canada, BME is now also established in the United States – offering its sought-after explosives product range including electronic and non-electric initiation systems and packaged explosive products.

A stellar safety performance based on strong employee commitment has earned blasting and explosives leader BME a Sustained High-Performance Award from the chemical sector.